St Davids College


Congratulations Sir!

Published: 30.04.2024 ( 25 days ago )

This is in recognition of dedication both to sailing and to all the pupils he has influenced and helped into the world of sailing and St David's College and beyond

Over the last 17 years Aled has been developing the sailing provisions at St David’s College to ensure its position in the school curriculum.

From ages nine to 19, students are introduced to the RYA schemes via a progressive sailing curriculum using a range of craft from keel boats to single handed dinghies.

As well as now being part of mandatory Outdoor Education lessons, Aled and his team have encouraged and mentored students to higher standards through extra-curricular weekend sailing activities throughout the summer term.

Away from school, the juniors now have the opportunity to take part in the ‘Junior Sailing Expedition’ which takes place at the Mountbatten Centre in Plymouth, creating a link between the school and the centre where Aled did his initial Dinghy Instructor Training.

As well as providing enjoyable and memorable lessons, 'professional' boating qualifications are also taught to BTEC pupils and others. For example, many Sixth formers leave school with a Power Boat Level 1 (and/or 2), safety boat, RYA First Aid, VHF and Sea Survival Certificates!

An option to complete the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award also allows pupils to gain the Competent Crew Certificate and for many, the annual ‘House Sailing’ regatta is highlight of the school year.

As far as I am aware, St David’s College is the only school in Wales providing such a variety of sailing experiences and opportunities – thanks to the standout hard work of Aled and his team.

The exposure and introductions to sailing have not only boosted the popularity and accessibility of sailing to all pupils, but Aled has also been a key role model to many students, who have gone on to seek careers in the world of sailing.

Pupils have taken their love of sailing to a wide variety of hobbies, careers and expeditions.

Building on the base level of experience and qualifications gained at school, many pupils have gone forward to get marine jobs (e.g. Jack UKSA, Jemima sailing tall ships, Ollie ABC marine, Titus Plymouth University (marine navigation), Peter SI at the National Outdoor Centre, Harry – Officer in the Royal Navy and Jemima, who sailed a replica Viking longboat from Scotland to Iceland using traditional navigational techniques!.

Outside of the school community Aled has created strong links with the local Scouts to allow them access to our sailing provisions for local youngsters.. The impacts have been far reaching and I would be delighted in supporting the RYA to celebrate Aled’s impacts and contributions to the sailing world.