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Military Families

St David's College has a proud tradition of supporting Military families throughout their education.

The school understands the lifestyle that can accompany military service and is able to successfully support forces children both academically and pastorally.

Our caring, family environment and a focus on the personal development of each individual provide an opportunity for every young person to flourish. We offer stability and security when parents are posted around the world and our flexible approach to visits and weekends also helps our military families stay connected.

​Children whose parents are active members of the armed forces are entitled to a 10% discount on fees from Year 5 to Year 13. St David's College can also accommodate payments via the Continued Education Allowance (CEA).


Here are some of the amazing pupils we have been fortunate to have with us at St David's

Cai Riley (RAF)

Cai Riley (St David's College - 2015-2022)

Being the son of an RAF Squadron Leader means Cai Riley has lived in many different places across Europe and the UK and may explain why he regards Llandudno as his home.

Cai, whose two younger siblings are also at St David’s College, joined the school in Year 7, and said he instantly took to the boarding school environment.

“I found my anchor here. I regard St David’s as my home because coming from an RAF family, we’ve moved around a lot,” said Cai, who is in Year 13.

“I was born in Naples, I’ve lived in Germany, Scotland, Shrewsbury, High Wycombe, and Anglesey, so it’s nice to be at St David’s with my brother and sister as it’s always a constant in our lives.

“My little sister has recently joined us, she’s in Year 7 and she’s happy to be here as she has been to quite a few schools. It’s nice for us all to be together.”

Cai explained why he enjoys boarding at St David’s so much and mentioned with a huge smile the fun he’s had playing in the woods buildings dens, bike tracks, and even a treehouse!

“It’s basically having fun with a load of your best mates - I regard them as family,” he said.

“There’s a real family atmosphere in Snowdon House with Mr. and Mrs. Demery. I can talk to Mr. Demery about anything, and Snowdon is a very sociable house, so something is always going on in the common room. We watch TV and films together or just sit have a laugh and chat about our day”

Cai was the school shot-put champion for three years on the trot and has also thrown himself into the school productions, perhaps most memorably playing Smee in Peter Pan.

He plays inside centre in the school’s first XV rugby team, and during the weekends he relishes taking part in the Outdoor Education trips in Snowdonia.

“I’ve loved my time at St David’s College, and I’m glad I’ve still got a few months to enjoy,” said Cai.

If you would like to hear more about our Military Family provision please contact our Registrar using the details below

Sam Chandran


Ms. Sam Chandran