St Davids College


Our golden boy

Published: 22.04.2024 ( a month ago )

Year 13 Edwin won the gold by his brilliant problem-solving skills as he had the chance to test his knowledge in a real-world situation

“Receiving a Gold in the Chemistry Olympiad makes me very happy, and I’m looking forward to be going to Nottingham University to study space science and to see where it takes me.”

It’s a huge accolade, as the UK Chemistry Olympiad is the leading chemistry competition for secondary students across the British Isles.

What is remarkable is Edwin has achieved this while having very severe dyslexia, who joined the school in Year 8. Edwin’s parents are incredibly proud of him and his brother who also has dyslexia and went to the school too.

Edwin’s parents said: “When Edwin was struggling a friend who is in education sent us a clipping from a news report about another child with severe dyslexia who had done very well at the school, so we followed it up. We are delighted that it is now our child who is shining bright despite the odds he started out with. It shows that with the right support children with Dyslexia really can achieve their potential. We are so proud of him, his brother, and the St David’s staff.”

Edwin is hoping to go to Nottingham University to study Astro Physics later this year. Edwin is on track to leave St. David’s college with A grades in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry A-levels along with a Distinction Star in Outdoor Sports and Recreation. Edwin has also achieved his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and will be off to Buckingham Palace later this year on the May 13, for the celebration event. He has managed to complete this challenging award with help from the schools Outdoor Education Department.

As if all of the above is not enough, Edwin has also managed to raise an incredible £1,090 for the Little Princess Trust. During the past four years he grew his hair very long with the support of the school and donated 18” length of it to the charity that provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer. “My brother was also growing his hair for the Little Princess Trust, and I thought I’d do the same as it was such a good cause,” said Edwin,

“When I leave, I’ll undoubtedly miss St David’s. I’ll miss the Outdoor Education, a highlight was canoeing 100 km down the Spey River and wild camping in Scotland, he and his friends on the course had to organise it themselves; as I’d never really done anything like that before I came here. I’ll miss things like playing rounders on the front lawn, and the teachers.”

Edwin added: “I used to be a lot quieter before I came here, and I was nervous talking to people and all that has changed thanks to St David’s.”