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Past Pupils

Our pupils - altogether, genuinely unique individuals

Does the school make the student or does the student make the school? At St David's College, we believe it is both. Developing an individual's character is an important element of our education. As a community, we remain together and celebrate each other's unique personalities.

The most frequent questions parents ask are, "How will my son/daughter develop at St David's College? What will they turn out like? What will they go on to do?"

We hope these stories will help answer these questions.

Erin Moore ~ Head Girl 2022-23

Currently: Psychology and Sociology student at Liverpool Hope University

“I studied BTEC Psychology, English Language and Literature, and BTEC science in the Sixth Form at St. David’s College. During my time at the school I was also involved in lots of different aspects of the school community. From participating in house plays and readings to playing games with younger students in the summertime, every experience was memorable. During my final year I was appointed Head Girl, which brought on new opportunities and challenges that further enhanced my journey.

Erin Moore

“When I left St. David’s College I opted to take gap year before going to university, during which I decided to go solo-traveling around Central Europe for a month. This was a great decision as I met so many incredible people and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I also took the opportunity to work as a retail assistant during my gap year, which gave me valuable experience of the workplace. This September I’m heading to Liverpool Hope University to study Psychology & Sociology.

“St David’s has such a welcoming and supportive environment, which really encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. The teachers were incredibly supportive and played a crucial role in my journey, both academically and personally. Thanks to this I discovered my passion for psychology, which I'm now excited to study at university.

“The small class sizes and dyslexia support at St David’s were a real highlight for me. They allowed me to learn more effectively, and also gave me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my teachers. In addition, the way the teachers understood dyslexia and the challenges it brings made me feel truly seen and heard.

“Throughout my time at St David’s College I was lucky to have so many supportive teachers. One teacher who stood out was Mrs Davies. She helped me discover my passion for psychology and was an incredible role model during my time there.

“There are so many memorable experiences from St. David’s that it’s difficult to choose just one, but one of my favourites would be planning for the Sixth Form Leavers’ Dinner. It was a really bittersweet moment as we prepared to say goodbye to the school. My friends were super supportive and always there to lend a hand. It was a big milestone in our lives, and being able to share it with my friends was just an amazing feeling.

“My advice for current and future pupils would be to get involved in everything, and I highly recommend embracing the diverse opportunities St David’s offers and to be open to new adventures - don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. In particular, the unique Outdoor Education department provides exceptional opportunities that are unlikely to come around again after you graduate. But whether it’s participating in amazing activities with Outdoor Education or engaging in fun house events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy beyond academia. Trust me, it’s the best way to make the most of your time there.”

Joshua Gambrell ~ Graduate of 2023

Currently: Apprentice Rolling Stock Technician, West Midlands Trains

"I studied Design and Technology, Computer Aided Design, Outdoor Education and Applied Science at St. David’s College, and was also involved in the lots of extracurricular activities including house events and Garage Club, which was really appealing to me due to my interest in engineering.

Josh Gambrell Crop

"St. David’s College was a brilliant place to live and to learn. The boarding aspect of school made me feel like part of a family, and I found all the teachers were excellent and able to adapt to different learning styles and abilities. The 1-to-1 lessons were also very good for furthering my understanding in topics covered in and out of class.

"This school has a way of bringing out the best in pupils. I play the piano, and despite being at St. David’s College for only two years I saw a huge improvement in my playing, even to the point of being able to play in front of an audience. The piano teacher was really good at adapting her teaching towards the needs of the student, and this experience has taught me to not take a talent for granted, but to embrace it.

"Being a boarding pupil it’s very important to feel supported outside of the classroom. I was in Snowdon House and John Demery excelled at being the Snowdon house master as well as being a brilliant teacher. He did a fantastic job at encouraging everyone to take part in house events and activities.

"I’d advise every pupil to take advantage of all the opportunities that you get when it comes to extra-curricular activities! St David’s offers something that is exceptionally rare, which is the opportunity to experience all sorts of outdoor activities situated in the Snowdonia national park. And that is truly something special.

"Since leaving the school I’ve been successful in achieving an Apprenticeship with West Midlands Trains as a Rolling Stock Technician. There were only four places available and 800 applicants so I was really pleased to have been awarded this place - I think my additional experience with Garage Club at the school gave me the practical skills and experience I needed to make me one of the stand-out applicants.

"Enjoy your time at St. David’s and embrace everything it has to offer. The time will fly past in the blink of an eye."

Julius Muyombya (2011-2016)

"I can't thank St David's enough for changing my life."

"I came to St David’s College in 2011. When I arrived, I had so little English; my schooling had been very badly interrupted. I could understand only about one word in fifteen! With the help of the special language provision at St David’s College, supporting both spoken English and subject keywords,

I soon began to be fully involved in lessons. I got lots of individual help, even in the main subjects. The school motivated me so much that I worked really hard and achieved good GCSE results. I went on to do BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business Studies as well as Science and A Level Geography.

I was so successful that I won the National BTEC Business Award which was presented to me by Peter Jones of "Dragon’s Den" and gained two scholarships from Bangor University, I studied Business and Law.

As well as this academic success, I took every opportunity available to me in sport and Outdoor Education. I achieved my Duke of Edinburgh Award and won Bronze and Silver medals in two British Kickboxing Championships (WAKO)"


Chloe Edwards-Thomas

"I will always be grateful for the skills I developed at St David's"

Chloe Edwards-Thomas, 23, studied a BA (Hons) Fashion, Buying, and Merchandising at Manchester Metropolitan University, and graduated in the summer of with a first-class honours degree and a 93% average.

​Chloe, originally from Caernarfon, completed a seven-month internship in New York, working on Macy's designer collaboration range and also getting to work on a Victoria Beckham collaboration. Chloe moved on to work for Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam.

From these paid internships, she was offered a full-time role as Merchandiser in the underwear division creating the new Calvin Klein Performance range for Europe.

“I love my job and I am able to combine my creative side with the maths and business elements whilst also having the opportunities to travel to Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, Copenhagen, and all around the world.

“I will always be grateful for the skills I developed whilst at St David’s from computer-aided design (CAD) lessons with Mr. O'Leary to technologies we learned in Physics with Mr. Lomas.

​“For me, it demonstrates how St David’s provides you with an 'adaptable' education, as the school helps to develop your confidence, and gives support so that you can you reach your full potential.”

Chloe Edwards

Hugh Hutchinson Smith

"Without the opportunities, St David's College provided for me, I would not have got GCSEs, let alone A-Levels."

Hugh Hutchinson Smith joined St David’s College severely dyslexic and underconfident.

​But he was quick to take part in the outdoor education programme and for the first time in his life found success representing the school in sailing, climbing, and skiing.

​He also won a place in the Welsh Sailing Squad. He benefitted from the school’s excellent learning support department and achieved good GCSE and A’ level results enabling him entry to Bangor University to read Product Design.

​Whilst there he was given the opportunity to work for several design companies in different areas including Silver Lining, an exclusive furniture design company and ISC, a climbing equipment manufacturer.

​At the end of his three years he achieved a First Class honours degree. Hugh is now the design manager at Air Covers, a leading company that manufactures textile products for the aerospace industry.

​His role includes overseeing all design and manufacturing. The company exports worldwide, which enables him to travel extensively.

Hugh said: “Without the opportunities St David’s College gave me, I would not have got GCSEs, let alone A-Levels, and achieved a great degree which opened the door to a fascinating career.

“One day I am working on a Typhoon and another on an Apache helicopter.”

Hugh Hutchinson Smith

Ben Morris (1996-2001)

Ben’s former school inability to deal with his dyslexia and dyscalculia served only to exacerbate his lack of confidence. Fortunately, Ben comes from a loving and supportive family whose roots are firmly in the engineering sector.

During his time at St David’s College, Ben flourished into a confident and engaging young man. His interest in design technology, computer-aided design (CAD), and a myriad of activities (4x4, powerboating, sailing, etc) further developed his confidence and self-esteem.

Ben went on to obtain a great clutch of GCSEs - all at grade C and above and went on through the school’s sixth form, concentrating on CAD and DT earning enough points to embark upon his first choice of degree – Information and Illustration technology - emerging with a BA(Hons) degree in 2004 from Blackpool and The Fylde College.

Ben went on to work for the TVR Car Company in Blackpool in the power train and chassis division before returning to family business Helical Technology Ltd in Lytham.

In 2008, along with some associates, Ben started a new company called Global Energy Systems - a British, renewable energy company, designing and manufacturing Air Source Heat Pumps in a new purpose-built factory in Lytham and working with a network of installers all over the UK.

Ben Morris

Simon Costello (2009 - 2014)

"The teaching at St David's set me up to get into an excellent university."

Simon Costello, who left us in 2014 with 4 top A’ levels and notably A* in Maths and A in Further Maths, graduated Trinity College with a double first in Maths and Economics.

​Simon said: "After being at St David's, I went on to study mathematics and economics at Trinity College Dublin.

“I immediately became involved with various societies focused on finance, and here I found my passion for financial markets.

“This lead me to successfully complete summer internships trading interest rate swaps at JP Morgan in New York, and later FX options trading at Goldman Sachs in London.

“I graduated from Trinity College with first-class honours in both mathematics and economics, and since then have started as a full-time analyst on the FX options trading desk at Goldman Sachs.

“The teaching at St David's set me up to get into an excellent university, and the extra-curricular activities gave me both the confidence and CV content to pursue my desired career."

Simon Costello

Rebecca Lawrence-Jones (2010-2017)

"We both fell in love with the school and I begged my father to send me."

Rebecca Lawrence-Jones, 18, has just completed A-Levels in English literature, business studies, and design technology.

She hopes to get into marketing, and St David’s has decided to offer her an internship in the school’s marketing department.

“I’m from Aberdeen in Scotland, but have a grandmother in Llandudno.

“She always wanted to know what was up the mysterious St David’s driveway and so she and I went to an open day-she was just being nosy really.

​“We both fell in love with the school and I begged my father to send me here as a boarder and luckily they agreed!

“I’m not dyslexic but I enjoyed the school’s way of teaching, lessons are conducted in a creative and visual way.”

She added: “I’m really looking forward to working in the marketing department, and hoping to make a difference.”

Rebecca Lawrence Jones

Megan Griffiths (2011-2017)

St David's College has changed her from a cripplingly shy girl to someone who is full of confidence.

Megan Griffiths, 17, came to St David’s College after she was told by a teacher at her primary school that she wouldn’t pass any GCSEs, and taking A’levels would be out of the question. She has certainly proved her doubters wrong. Megan passed all her GCSE exams achieving either ‘B’ or ‘C’ grades in all her subjects. After completing A ‘levels in Business Studies and Fine Art, this determined young woman is traveling to Greece to do humanitarian work. She says the school has changed her from a cripplingly shy girl to someone who is full of confidence.

Megan Griffiths

Tim Mueller (Pupil: 2007-2013)

"I wouldn't be who I am today without St David's."

Tim is a sponsored climber and is currently studying Product Design at Bangor University having spent time in America doing an internship with an L.A.-based climbing shoe manufacturer. Tim climbs and skis all over the globe with the backing of his sponsors.

​During the 6 years Tim spent at St David's College, he was able to pursue his passion for climbing whilst receiving support for his dyslexia. "I climbed 5 days a week, fitting it around my lessons with the help from the Outdoor Education team".

Tim Mueller

Ceiren Fallon (Pupil: 2012-2018)

" the time I left St David's, I thought if I jumped I could touch the sky if I wanted to and believed I could achieve anything I wanted."

Cieren Fallon won back to back Apprentice Jockeys’ title in 2019 and 2020, a feat no one had managed since 1988.

The former St David’s College pupil is the son of six-time champion jockey Kieren Fallon, who some regard as one of the most naturally talented jockeys of all time.

He said that until he came to St David's he had “zero confidence” but that the teachers gave him the confidence to “do anything”, and it was this newly found confidence that gave him the self-belief to try and become a jockey.

His rise has been rapid, within a year of training Cieren was winning races and at the age of 20 he won the 2019 Apprentice Jockey title and went on to retain his title in 2020. The past few years have been good to Ceiren with him riding his beloved horse Oxted to his first victory at Royal Ascot in June 2021 and being selected to ride as first jockey for Qatar Racing whilst Oisin Murphy is banned from riding.

When looking back at his time at the school he said: “Before I came to St David’s I couldn’t read and write, but by the time I left I had written a poem and read it out to the whole school.”

He added: “I had zero confidence as I’d had a bad time at another school, but by the time I left St David's, I thought if I jumped I could touch the sky if I wanted to and believed I could achieve anything I wanted.”

He continued: “It’s all to do with the confidence the teachers install in you. They believe in you and that means everything, and they are all very approachable and want you to thrive.”

Cieren who now lives in Newmarket often keeps in touch with Sue Davies, his former House Parent, whom he holds in the highest of regards, and his former maths teacher Mr. Bohana.

“I had a great time at St David’s. I was in Tryfan house, and at the time we won everything,” he said.

“Snowdon seemed to have the more intelligent kids, Cader were the confident ones and Tryfan, well we seemed to be good at everything!”

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