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St David’s College provides pupils with an exceptional quality of care, support and guidance
Estyn, 2019

Welcome To Boarding Life

Belonging to a happy, positive, family community is the key to the success of our pupils. This sense of community and belonging comes from our holistic approach to education which values equally the academic, the physical and the pastoral well-being of our pupils – the mind, the body and spirit. For many of our pupils, being a boarder is a critical element in this package; yet for all pupils, the boarding ethos of the school is at the heart of the St David’s approach to learning.

We believe that life in a boarding school should be an all-encompassing experience where pupils are given the support and confidence to get involved and dare to ‘have a go’. By joining the nurturing and caring boarding community of St David’s College, pupils feel an immense sense of belonging, developing life-long friendships, skills and interests.

A Vibrant Community

All senior boarding staff are qualified teachers and all full-time teachers undertake boarding house duties ensuring close links between academic and pastoral life.

The boarding staff work closely with parents and pupils to ensure the best support is offered to each individual. We embrace parents as an important link in the boarding experience and encourage input, queries and visits. We offer numerous official opportunities for parents to visit the school and to receive feedback, but welcome communication at any time by whatever means - email, WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, phone.

Boarding is offered on a full-time basis, although some boarders choose to go home on occasional weekends. We also encourage day pupils to take advantage of the boarding facilities as and when required, where space is available. This can also be a way for day pupils to get a taste of boarding life before committing to it on a full-time basis.

Boarding life is like being on a constant sleepover with all your friends; you find yourself getting on with everyone in the house and they all become like your siblings.
Olivia, Head Girl 2019-2020

What is a typical day for a boarder?


Boarders get up by 7:30am, make their beds, wash, and get ready


Breakfast in the Dining Hall


Registration and Tutor Period




Classes start in school

Sixth Form Boarders can return to Boarding Houses during lunch break


End of School Day

Pupils return to their Boarding Houses for supervised Prep

Quiet time in Boarding Houses (supervised)

Independent study (Sixth Form)



18:30 -20:00

Activities or Free time


Free time/prepare for bed (Years 5-8)

Independent study / free time (Years 9-13)

Pupils to pack bags for the next day, shower, and get ready for bed

21:00 23:00

Lights out – time dependent on ages

Sue Davies

Head of Boarding

Mrs Sue Davies

Head of Boarding & Pastoral Care