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Sixth Form

St David’s College Sixth Form supports equally the most academic to the most practical and vocational aspirations.

Most pupils start Year 12 with 3-4 A Level subjects or BTECs. Many will also take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). A broad selection of A-Level and BTEC Level 3 subjects allow every pupil to develop their strengths, fulfil their potential and prepare for a chosen career path beyond school. Traditional academic A Levels are offered along with BTECs in Performing Arts, Production Arts, Music, Outdoor Education, PE, Business Studies and three levels of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) qualifications.

As pupils mature from dependent to independent learners, the teaching staff continue to work closely with all sixth formers, ensuring the necessary stretch, challenge, and support is given at every turn. The Tutor System and Mentoring Programme are vital to this process. All teachers are experienced in supporting pupils with barriers to learning such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.

Sixth Form pupils have two games/PE sessions a week and are very much encouraged to build into their timetable more sport, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts, and other interests they may wish to develop.

Why choose Sixth Form at St. David's?

An introduction by the Head of Sixth Form

As the Head of Sixth Form, I am passionate about providing our students with an exceptional experience that is founded in the belief that you, as a pupil, are unique and that your needs and aspirations are unique. At the core of the St David's College Sixth Form is the principle that a truly caring community fosters confidence and provides the freedom to flourish. I see myself as a guide on a journey of discovery, opportunity and a love for learning.

It is my vision, that when you leave as Old Davideans, you will have the skills, confidence, and knowledge to pursue your dreams and share your gifts with those around you. Our aim is to help you develop as a well-rounded person, to provide opportunities, to challenge and support, and to build the foundations of character that will stay with you for years to come.

What differentiates the St David's Sixth Form is the relationship between staff and the pupils. The rapport, humour, and trust which form the bedrock of our community are particular to our approach to education. I think provides the perfect environment to truly develop a love for learning and an inherent motivation for academic excellence.

Owen Davis

Head of Year

Mr Owen Davis

Head of Sixth Form

St. David's Sixth Form Life

At St David's College our Sixth Form community is a diverse group of girls and boys, boarders and day pupils from different religious faiths and nationalities. We strongly believe in creating a sense of family and promoting leadership opportunities within our Houses, which span from Year 9 to Year 13. However, we understand the importance of a unique identity for our Sixth Formers and have dedicated a Study Area for them to collaborate, socialise and grow together.

Our inclusive approach to education, featuring mixed tutor groups and a co-educational learning environment, allows pupils to appreciate and respect each other's differences, fostering a strong cultural awareness and building a vibrant and supportive community. Our Sixth Form pupils lead by example, demonstrating compassion and camaraderie to all.

At St David's, there is no such thing as a typical pupil. Every individual is encouraged to be themselves and form lifelong friendships, regardless of when they joined the school. We pride ourselves on providing a real sense of community, which extends beyond the school years and into the Old Davidean Society, offering many opportunities to network and reconnect with fellow alumni.

Entry requirements

We believe in providing equal opportunities for all pupils to join our Sixth Form community, regardless of their background or previous academic achievements.

We do not have any strict entry requirements, but we do expect our pupils to be committed and passionate about their studies. We offer a structured environment without the rigid nature that can be the case in some independent school Sixth Forms. We give pupils freedom and encourage them to become part of our wider school community.

Our supportive and nurturing environment helps our pupils to succeed in our school. Come and join us at St David's College Sixth Form, where we welcome everyone with open arms!


The Sixth Form offers a diverse range of A Level and BTEC subjects, enabling pupils to pursue their passions and interests.

While A Levels remain a popular choice for many, we also understand that different qualifications may be better suited for other career paths and varying styles of learning. This is why we offer a wide BTEC Level 3 qualifications to help create a learning provision that is suitable for everyone.

At St David’s, we understand that every pupil is unique and will have their own individual learning path. We offer a range of opportunities for pupils to pursue additional interests, such as photography or modern foreign languages, through our activities programme. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility for pupils to sit AS examinations at the end of Upper Sixth, or re-sit Mathematics or English GCSE where necessary.

What do our pupils think?

My time at St. David’s College has had a profound impact on shaping the person I am today. St. David’s has been more than just a place of learning; it has been a place where I can feel safe to explore and expand my own personal image.

When I was first told that I’d be attending St. David’s, I was initially upset because none of my friends were going. However, my very first interaction with the school made me realise that I would be ok. I was shy and lacked self-confidence but their belief in my potential, even when I doubted it myself, has been a constant source of encouragement.

The small, tight-knit community of sixth form has been so beneficial for me, the close relationship with the teachers has made my experience more than just about class work and exams, but about personal interactions and the development of interpersonal skills, allowing me to flourish and explore many skills and attributes.

Becoming Head Girl has enabled me to encourage and instil a positive mindset in others, just as I experienced.

- Eleri Thomas, Head Girl

The Sixth Form at St. David’s has helped me to build practical life skills that are needed for when I leave school, such as organisation and communication. My general confidence has also grown so much from being here and I think that this is achieved by having a closer relationship with teachers and being given more responsibility, particularly in the Sixth Form at St. David’s. It also comes from knowing that I am trusted and that my skills are valued, as well as being encouraged to express my thoughts and feelings freely.

I think that Sixth Form at St. David's has also improved my communication skills by having real conversations with teachers and being treated as a young adult. This is a key element for me as I think more respect is held for the teachers because the pupils feel that they are equally respected as individuals. This has certainly helped me in my studies as it makes me want to do better for my teachers.

- Scott Hewitt, Head Boy