St Davids College

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The Chaplaincy offers a thread of Christian values encompassing care, compassion, and community which runs through every aspect of St David’s College.

Housed in its own cottage and gardens on the school grounds, there is always someone in the Chaplaincy Centre run by our two dedicated Chaplains Mr. Edward Gray and Mrs. Beki Gray along with their team.

Each pupil attends our weekday assemblies and services, all boarders except sixth formers come to our informal Sunday evening chapel, and others choose to visit our Chaplaincy Centre during the week for pastoral support about any concerns they have, discuss the Bible, play a game, or just have a chat. In addition, pupils are encouraged to fundraise for a cause of their own choosing or to support the school’s charitable initiatives either locally or internationally.

The Chaplaincy is a vibrant and central element in the St David’s College experience which we hope gives each young person growing up into a difficult world an anchor on which to lay hold.

Pupils develop in an unsentimental atmosphere of love and generosity
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Ed Gray

St David's College Chaplaincy

Mr. Edward Gray