St Davids College

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Evening & Weekends

At St David's College we offer a full and diverse range of meaningful activities seven days a week.


As well as supervised homework sessions every weekday evening for Years 9-11 boarders, and independent study sessions for Sixth Form boarders, boarders in all year groups, and many day pupils take part in the evening activities programmes.

Activities include (amongst others):

  • Raft Race
  • Orienteering
  • Sailing
  • House Walks
  • House Bouldering
  • Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • 4x4
  • Canoeing


We feel that the weekends are an important part of life at St David’s College and aim to strike a healthy balance between study, physical activity, and relaxation. We very much encourage our day pupils to take part in weekend activities.

Saturday mornings include the vibrant Activities Programme for all pupils. Although this is optional for day pupils, most choose to take part. Sundays start for all boarders with brunch, and then the afternoons are taken up with sport, activities, and evening Chapel.

Two Outdoor Education options per day run every Saturday and Sunday for all pupils (day and boarders) such as trips into the mountains, kayaking, and sailing; and many sports fixtures take place on Saturdays.

Year 5-8 boarders have an off-site trip every Saturday and Sunday afternoon while older pupils can choose between outdoor activities, study, or free time.

Exeat Weekends

Exeat weekends are a time for the school community to take a pause. Boarders typically go home or stay with their guardian families. Boarders are able to stay at school if they wish (consent and an additional fees apply). Every exeat weekend all pupils are invited to take part in an Outdoor Education trip.

For details of the exeat weekend dates, click here