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It’s more than a school, it is an experience in learning, fun and respect. Unlike some teenagers, my sons ethos and confidence have grown. He is happy at St. David’s. They educate and bring out the best in the individual.
Catherine Kennedy - Pupil Parent

Good Schools Guide 2024

"A school that thinks outside the box and the classroom. Outdoor-education and practical activities aplenty enhance the academic experience and build self-esteem, alongside careful learning support."

Good Schools Guide review 2024

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Estyn Report, January 2024

In January 2024, Estyn - the office of His Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales - reported on their most recent inspections for St. David's College.

In a summary of their main findings, Estyn reported the following:

"St. David’s College is a welcoming and nurturing school. Pupils are confident and engage positively with staff and visitors. Staff build positive working relationships with pupils based on mutual respect and understanding. They provide sensitive guidance to support them to develop important skills, such as resilience. As a result, pupils engage purposefully with their learning."

"School leaders are committed and caring. They are heavily invested in the pupils and the life of the school. They have a clear understanding of the needs and aspirations of pupils."

"Teachers are highly accessible, including during break times, via electronic communications, and during boarding time. Pupils value these less formal opportunities to discuss their work and have great respect and trust for staff."

"In addition to the core curriculum, the school provides an extensive range of engaging, enriching and authentic learning experiences."

You can read the full report here.

Estyn Report

In November 2019, Estyn, the office of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales, reported on their most recent inspections for St David's College. We were awarded 'Good' in 4 categories and 'Excellent' in 'Care, support and guidance'

As part of its summary of their report, Estyn said:

"Leadership at all levels is successful in fostering a collective vision of St David’s as an inclusive, nurturing family community that promotes engaging and beneficial learning experiences for all pupils. Pupils thrive in the calm and supportive environment, enhancing their self-esteem and achieving high levels of wellbeing during their time at the school."

"The school prepares pupils of all abilities well for relevant further educational experiences and future employment opportunities"

"The extensive outdoor education programme lies at the heart of the school’s mission to help pupils acquire confidence and self-esteem and to find and develop their gifts and talents"

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Inspection areaJudgement
Wellbeing and attitudes to learningGood
Teaching and learning experiencesGood
Care, support and guidanceExcellent
Leadership and managementGood
St David's certainly changed my sons life giving him the confidence we never dreamt he’d have
Past Pupil Parent

Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide is the UK’s number one school guide, helping parents in every aspect of choosing the best education for their children.

With over 35yrs of experience, the guide is trusted by parents because of its impartial and candid reviews. The editorial team visited St David's College back in 2019 and has given our School a glowing review.

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St David’s manages to combine many of the attractive features of independent education - highly motivated pupils, outstanding staff, an exceptional outdoor education programme, fabulous site, historic buildings with quite exceptional learning support… its holistic expertise deserves to be much more widely known
Good Schools Guide
There is an unusual atmosphere in the school, a potent mix of gentleness, kindness, energy and high-octane enthusiasm
Good Schools Guide