St Davids College


Academic Extension

The success of St David’s College lies in its ability to identify the strengths and challenges faced by every pupil and to offer the necessary support to enable each child to exceed expectations.

Through the Pupil Passport and Individual Learning Plans, the personal tutor system, and the mentoring programme, the school offers inspiring academic stretch and challenges to match ability and aspiration. We liaise with universities and industry to establish purposeful visits and encourage guest speakers who are able in to show our pupils clear pathways into successful careers.

Within the classroom, teachers plan sessions that will stretch and challenge pupils of all backgrounds and abilities, including those who are capable of achieving the highest grades. The staff at St. David’s set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils. They have a clear understanding of the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs, those of high ability and those with English as an additional language, employing and evaluating distinctive teaching approaches to engage and support.

Advanced study skills

In addition, the Cadogan Centre offers a vital role for pupils of all ability levels and aspirations, offering group or 1:1 sessions in advanced study skills such as essay writing, revision and examination techniques, presentation skills, planning, time management and organisational skills and the development of technology skills such as Microsoft ‘Learning Tools’, including Voice Dictate and Immersive Reader.

Mark Turner

Academic Lead

Mr. Mark Turner

Assistant Head (Academic)