St Davids College

190404 Girls

Day Pupils

St David's College is open to both Boarding and Day pupils. Day pupils are a key part of our community and are encouraged to take advantage of all of the opportunities that we offer.

Day students are fully integrated into the community at St David's College. The day starts at 8:40am for all of our Day pupils with registration as part of their tutor groups alongside our Boarders.

A core part of the St David's experience is to run worthwhile, stimulating activities every weekend and evening. Day pupils have access to our award-winning extra-curicular activities program.

The ethos of St David’s College is and always has been that of a boarding school. This means that the school never closes in term time and staff are always on hand to support pupils and their families, whether they are boarding or day pupils.

All Day pupils are part of the vertical ‘house’ system, making them feel included in the St David's Community. Day pupils are free to leave school at 5pm each week day, but are very much encouraged to be part of our school community and take advantage of our award-winning extra-curricular activities programme. They are welcome to stay for supper, join supervised prep (homework) sessions and access additional support where needed.

They are also encouraged to be part of the vibrant weekend activities programmes including the outstanding Outdoor Programme, which add immense value to their education as a whole.

We always encourage day pupils to take advantage of the boarding facilities as and when required, where space is available (fees are applicable). For some families this is simply an occasional convenience, for others, it can be a good way for day pupils to get a taste of boarding life before committing to it on a full-time basis.