St Davids College


An intensive four-day GCSE study camp but with plenty of fun

Published: 29.03.2023 ( a year ago )

This is the seventh year the camp has been run kindly organised by Head of Science Andy Goodwin, and this year 27 pupils have joined to study Maths, English and the three sciences

However, it’s not all about studying, there has also been plenty of fun with a ‘Nerve War battle’ taking place in the corridors of Snowdon House, a trip to Jonny Dough’s pizza and the highlight of the camp will undoubtedly be a trip to Alton Towers tomorrow.

“We’ve been studying to 7pm on some nights but it has been broken up by plenty of breaks including playing football and the Nerve Wars battle was really fun,” said Andy.

“There have been quizzes and I had 20 Easter eggs to give out as rewards, we’ve also been cooking at Augusta House for each other.”

Harry, in Year 11, said: “I’m pretty good at maths and science but I struggle with English a lot, so it has been fantastic to have Miss Garlinge on hand to ask for help, she’s an excellent teacher.

“I’ve been to five schools and St David’s has the best science teachers as I like the way of teaching here.”

He added: “But obviously my highlight of the week is going to be Alton Towers, I can’t wait!”

Ben said: “It’s a really good opportunity to do some intensive revision and if we get stuck with anything then the teachers go through it with us.

“I think it will keep me motivated to revise properly for the rest of the holidays.”