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A golden goodbye to Hywel

Published: 28.03.2023 ( a year ago )

Hywel worked as a joiner for the school and more recently as a minibus driver, he started working for us in 1974 after spotting an advert in Llandudno job centre

The 78-year-old says he loved “every minute” of working here and will miss seeing the pupils whom he has ferried to their homes, train stations, airports, doctor’s appointments and dentists for decades. He was very touched the other day to have received a homemade card made and signed by all the pupils he used to take home on the minibus. That said minibus is now called Hywel in his honour!

He has left his mark over the years when carrying out repairs and upgrades, as the estates team keeps coming across his name while stripping out walls and doors, he has noted the date on the back of the plasterboard and other materials, and even giving a name check to his own children and their ages at the time.

Headmaster Mr. Andrew Russell said it was an “honour” to say goodbye to Hywel and he paid this heartfelt tribute:

“It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our beloved maintenance/estates team member, Hywel, who has been an integral part of our school community for nearly half a century.

“Throughout his tenure here, he has shown unwavering commitment, dedication, and professionalism in ensuring that our school is a safe and functional environment for our students and staff to thrive in. His tireless efforts have contributed to the smooth operation of our facilities and the overall success of our school.

“Hywel has not only been an outstanding employee but also a valuable member of our school family. He has always been approachable, friendly, and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He's been an excellent role model to our students, inspiring them with his work ethic and dedication.

“As we say goodbye, we want to express our gratitude for his exceptional service to our community. We will miss his presence, his humour, his lengthy stories and fond memories and his very positive attitude. His legacy will live on in the fabric of the buildings (his signature behind every newly erected partition over the past 50 years) and in the memories of all the Old Davideans and staff who love him dearly.

“Thank you for everything Hywel. With all our love to you, Linda and Mark.”

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