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CAD Team23

Meet our new CAD Team 23

Published: 27.03.2023 ( a year ago )

As well as excellent academic success, we have had a really successful two years in both World Skills (UK Silver Medal) and the Inspiring Skills Wales (Bronze Medal) competitions in Mechanical Engineering: CAD

Our courses continue to develop in terms of offering real-life experience as well as adopting the very latest in industrial software and associated emerging manufacturing technologies, and this is obviously of great benefit to our students as they ready themselves for work or higher education.

From a very strong cohort of current students, I am now happy to introduce our new team for 2023-24.

This team will hopefully go on the represent Wales and the UK in the next rounds of National, and hopefully, International Competitions. The team are highly dedicated and are more than willing to hone their skills by taking on the extra workload over and above their normal studies - the future is looking incredibly bright!

Good luck team!