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Titus's Dream One Step Closer

Published: 31.01.2022 ( 2 years ago )

Titus’s dream of becoming a professional rugby player has moved a step closer as England selectors will be assessing his talents this past weekend.

Although the 18-year-old only ever wanted to play for Wales, it is England who is taking notice of the gifted sportsman from Ruthin.

Titus has never looked back after starting to play for Lymm Rugby Club last year when ongoing Covid restrictions in Wales meant he couldn’t play for his Welsh club.

At Lymm he was soon swiftly selected for the U18 Cheshire Rugby Team and now the club has put him forward to try out for the North England U18 Rugby Team.

It’s a huge achievement for Titus, who was picked to play for St David’s First XV when he was just 14.

He currently trains or plays rugby seven days of the week and is studying Geography A’level, DT, PE and Outdoor Education in the Sixth Form.

“I travelled to Bradford for an England rugby selection day, players from each county in the North of England will be there,” said Titus.

“England selectors were there and they’ll be selecting based on our fitness as well as our ability.

“It means a lot to me as RGC (Rygby Gogledd Cymru) the regional North Wales rugby team weren’t interested in me at all so this has given me belief in myself and that I’m worth my position on the rugby pitch.”

If Titus is successful and is selected for the North of England squad, then he’ll face the South East England rugby squad and so on, and so ultimately he has a chance to get into the England squad.

“This is an opportunity for me to earn my way into a position, and it’s where I’ve always wanted to be.”

Ross in the PE department has been a mentor to Titus throughout school and his encouragement helped Titus find a love for sport and strength and conditioning.

Everyone at St David’s College would like to wish Titus all the very best of luck.