St Davids College


Spirituality Day

Published: 30.01.2022 ( 2 years ago )

The founding Headmaster of St David’s College’s John Mayor wanted to create an awareness for his pupils of a deep sense of spirituality.

Mr Mayor’s vision in 1965 was that he would run a school where not only the pupils learned in the classroom but also in the great outdoors that we obviously have in abundance in North Wales.

He wanted pupils that attended St David’s to become resilient and strong with the ability to take on challenges, to be able to overcome problems and to be team players. This is why pupils do Outdoor Education.

Every year St David’s has a Spirituality Day, and this week Year Eight pupils went to magnificent Newborough Beach in Anglesey and took part in a number of activities including a scavenger hunt, decision making, senses, and communication.

Spirituality day is a bridge that connects outdoor education with the Christian faith.