St Davids College


Bangor University comes to St David's College

Published: 08.06.2022 ( 2 years ago )

Today Wednesday 8th of June our Year 12 pupils had the honour to receive the visit of Anna from Bangor University in the Mostyn Gallery.

Anna gave an introductory talk on the tools and concepts linked to the university future of our pupils that was organised by Mr Davis, Head of Sixth Form at St David’s College.

Choosing a career is an exciting time and so is choosing the university to attend. That is why our pupils must begin to consider the options available to them and become familiar with the vocabulary and tools available to help them in their decisions.

The first part of the talk focused on clarifying certain terminology associated with the selection process used by different universities. This varied depending on the university and the different courses on offer. Many of our pupils shared their current ideas and preferences in this section.

Secondly, Anna explained in depth what the UCAS APP is and how it works, a great prospect of universities and the training they offer where they can start loading their data and navigate making comparisons and verifying live which are the universities that offer the courses that interest them and what are the requirements to achieve it.

After an in-depth explanation, our pupils conducted a round of questions in which they clarified their most common concerns such as when to start making applications, what can be expected from an Open Day at a University or when are the deadlines to present their applications.