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Welsh (2nd language)

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GCSE Welsh Second Language is a qualification that will develop candidates’ interest and knowledge of Wales and promote an enthusiasm for the Welsh language.

The aim is to instil confidence and the ability to communicate effectively in Welsh. In addition, pupils will develop essential skills by undertaking practical tasks, which fulfil the needs of candidates, employers and further education centres. Our aims are to use the language practically in its spoken form and in reading and writing; equipping pupils for life in our bilingual society of the twenty-first century.

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Why take a language?

  • It’s a multilingual world - not everyone speaks English. 75% of the world does not speak English at all.
  • A little language can make a lot of difference. More jobs than you can imagine need language skills. A language will give you the edge in the job market. In fact, many businesses are choosing to employ graduates from other European countries over British graduates due to their enhanced language skills.
  • Languages improve the quality of your life and your understanding of how other people live and think.
  • You can travel more and meet new people. Travelling and meeting people from other countries is made easier by showing your understanding of a second European language

Course Content

St David’s College offers Spanish as a second language for International GCSE.

What does an iGCSE consist of?

  • 25% Listening paper (35-45 minutes)
  • 50% Reading and Writing paper (90 minutes)
  • 25% Speaking exam (10 minutes with your teacher)

Non-exam assessment: Approx 60 hours

Glenys Milner Hughes

Welsh Language

Mrs. Glenys Milner-Hughes

Welsh Language Teacher