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Design & Technology at St David's College is one of the jewels in our crown. With teaching and facilities that rival many larger Universities, it's easy to see why.

The specification enables learners to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise, in order to:

  • develop an appreciation of the importance of creativity and innovation to good design practice
  • actively engage in the processes of design and technology to develop as effective and independent learners
  • understand the key principles of designing and making
  • use their knowledge, skills, and understanding to make design decisions in order to make a quality prototype
  • analyse existing products and produce practical solutions to meet needs, wants, and opportunities, recognising their impact on quality of life
  • critically analyse links between the principles of good design, existing solutions, and technological knowledge
  • understand the underlying technical principles within design and technology within their chosen endorsed area, with emphasis on emerging technologies, materials, and practices. This specification also gives learners an opportunity to produce extended written responses and demonstrate the quality of their written communication, including appropriate use of punctuation and grammar.

GCSE Summary of Assessment

Unit 1:

Design and Technology in the 21st Century

Written examination:

2 hours, 50% of qualification

This WJEC GCSE in Design and Technology offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for learners to identify and solve real problems by designing and making products or systems. Learners will be prepared to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world; and be aware of, and learn from, wider influences on design and technology, including historical, social/cultural, environmental, and economic factors.

Component 2:

Design and make task

Non-exam assessment:

Approximately 35 hours, 50% of the qualification.

A sustained design and make task, based on contextual challenge set by WJEC, assessing candidates’ ability to:

  • identify, investigate, analyse and outline design possibilities
  • design and make prototypes and evaluate their fitness for purpose.
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