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Art & Design - GCSE

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The GCSE course in Art and Design gives our pupils opportunities to express themselves in a myriad of creative ways.

The emphasis is upon inspiring personal approaches that develop both the conceptual and technical skills of our pupils. The specification offers a primarily practical course with maximum opportunities for a stimulating experience of creativity and art, craft and design making activities. Pupils will also be encouraged to monitor their own individual progress through self-assessment and there are opportunities too for pupils to study the works of other artists, craftsmen and designers.

Course Structure

In the first two terms of the course, candidates will pursue a general creative approach covering all the syllabus areas (i.e. a Foundation year). In the Summer Term, candidates may continue to pursue a broad multi-disciplinary approach, in either 3D or 2D areas within the department.

Areas of study


The content is divided into two parts: Coursework and Controlled Test.

1. Coursework Portfolio (60%)

A portfolio of works exploring a range of creative approaches, culminating in a selection of finished works, supported by sketchbooks. Candidates will be encouraged to assess their own performance, effort, attainment, etc. on completion of each aspect of their portfolio.

2. Controlled Test (40%)

A number of themes and tasks will be presented as starting points for a sustained focus study culminating in a ten-hour test. Typically, there will be approximately 6 weeks preparation time to enable this.

Simon Scarff

Head of Art & Design

Mr. Simon Scarff

Head of Art & Design