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Pearson (BTEC level 2)

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Sport BTEC Level 2 from St David's College helps to prepare pupils for their first steps towards a career in sport and fitness.

In this course for year 10 and 11 students, you’ll learn essential skills such as training for personal fitness, encouraging sports participation, organising, and leading activities.

The Sport (BTEC Level 2) Qualification gives pupils an introduction to the opportunities the world of the sport can offer. It covers important aspects of the subject that can be used as building blocks for a career in sport and fitness.

Pupils will study practical sporting skills, psychological and physiological aspects, as well as sports leadership. The course will also help pupils develop a range of practical, communication, and technical skills.

Course Content

Unit 1: External examination unit (On-screen)

Taken June Year 10 1-hour test; 50 marks in total; a mixture of objective and short mark questions.

Unit 2: Practical sports performance (internally assessed)

  • Pupils take part in a variety of activities of which two will be selected.
  • Produce a logbook to demonstrate knowledge of rules and areas they have improved on in those sports.

Unit 3: The Mind and Sports Performance

  • Investigate personality and its effects on sports performance.
  • Explore the influence that motivation and self-confidence have on sports performance.
  • Know about arousal and anxiety, and the effects they have on sports performance.

Unit 5: Training for personal fitness (internally assessed)

  • Design and take part in a personal fitness plan.
  • Pupils will need to improve their fitness over the course.
  • Be able to safely exercise and advise others on how to do this.

Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities (internally assessed)

  • Understand the specific roles and responsibilities of a sports leader.
  • Plan and deliver their own sports session.
  • Be able to review and look to develop their leading ability.
Dan Lycett

Head of Department

Dan Lycett

Head of Sport & PE