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Pearson (BTEC Level 2)

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The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts is designed to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of performing arts.

The qualification builds on learning from Key Stage 3 for those who wish to explore a vocational route throughout Key Stage 4.

It has been developed to:

  • encourage personal development through practical participation and performance in a range of performing arts disciplines.
  • give pupils a wider understanding and appreciation of performing arts through defined pathways.
  • give pupils the opportunity to develop a range of skills, techniques, and personal attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

The qualification also provides opportunities for pupils to focus on the development of personal, learning and thinking skills, within a performing arts context.

Employers value employees who can communicate effectively both verbally and using electronic communication methods. This qualification provides opportunities for pupils to develop their communication skills as they progress through the course.

Assessment approach

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts includes one externally assessed unit in the core to introduce externality into vocational programmes of study.

The assessment approach for the internally assessed units in the qualification structure enables pupils to receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria.

Evidence for assessment may be generated through a range of activities, including practical performance; such as the school musical production. As this is performed at one of our local theatres the assignment experience provides for a more realistic and motivating basis for learning and can start to ensure learning serves the needs of local areas.

Pupils will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and achievement, taking account of the industry standards for behaviour

and performance.

What Next?

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts provides a good foundation for further study within the sector through progression on to qualifications, such as BTEC Nationals, specifically the Pearson BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts.

From the knowledge and skills developed in this qualification, pupils may also expect to seek employment at a junior level working with companies in the performing arts and related sectors in a range of roles, including; stage management, production and set design; and related administration and technical roles.

Course Content

Pupils will study three units over two years. Two units are compulsory core units and the third is chosen from one of the optional specialist units, as seen in the chart below.

This award, therefore, offers a choice of pathways, which provide programmes of study to suit individual needs.

Pathways that are available here at

St. David’s are:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Production
  • Musical Theatre
UnitCore UnitsAssessment MethodGLH
1Individual ShowcaseExternal30
2Preparation, Performance and ProductionsInternal30
3Acting SkillsInternal60
4Dance SkillsInternal60
5Musical Theatre SkillsInternal60
6Music Performance SkillsInternal60
7Production Skills for PerformanceInternal60
Jennifer Appleton

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs. Jenny Appleton

Head of Performing Arts