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Performing Arts - BTEC Level 3

Exam Body

Pearson (BTEC Level 3)

Head of Department

Mrs. Jennifer Appleton

Performing Arts is the window to a whole new world of career opportunities. Choosing to study for a BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts Qualification is a great decision to make for lots of reasons.

Pupils will investigate different areas of the performing arts, leading them into a whole range of professions and sectors, allowing them to explore their creativity in many ways.

The BTEC Level Performing Arts course is a vocational or work-related qualification. As part of the assessment approach, pupils will receive feedback on their progress after the completion of units throughout the course as they provide evidence towards the grading criteria.

The BTEC qualifications in these specifications have been developed in the performing arts sector to:

  • Provide education and training for Performing Arts employees.
  • Give Performing Arts employees opportunities to achieve a nationally-recognised Level 3 vocationally specific qualification which will give the same UCAS points as an A2 level qualification.
  • Give pupils the opportunity to enter employment in the Performing Arts sector.
  • Give pupils the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills, and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

Course Content

Unit 7: Performing to an Audience is mandatory.

Unit 19: Principles of Acting.

Unit 17: Developing Voice for the Actor.

Unit 18: Auditions for Actors.

Candidates who enjoy and want to pursue a potential career in Musical Theatre have the opportunity to study

Unit 30: Singing Skills for Actors & Dancers.

Unit 14: Musical Theatre Performance.

Alternatively, if a pupil would prefer the acting route, they would complete:

Unit 9: Devising Plays and

Unit 10: Theatre in Education.

Jennifer Appleton

Head of Department

Mrs. Jennifer Appleton

Head of Performing Arts