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Music Performance - BTEC Level 3

Exam Body

Pearson (BTEC Level 3)

Head of Department

Mrs. Jennifer Appleton

This is a modular, practically based course focussing on performing and composing music in any style. Pupils need to be able to play or sing or DJ for this course.

The course teaches the knowledge and skills pupils will need to work in the music industry, and how different organisations collaborate to make it work.

Pupils will work as part of a band to plan and market performances and concerts, and they will learn about musical equipment and the recording studio.

To complete the Subsidiary Diploma there are 6 modules over the 2-year course. The Certificate option includes the first 3 modules over one year.

BTEC music opens doors to careers in Performing, Producing, Composing, and Sound Engineering, and really develops pupils as a musician. Pupils are also expected to take a full part in the musical life of the school and be excellent role models for the younger years.

Course Content

Unit 1: Performance Techniques

Pupils learn how to work as a soloist and as part of a band and perform in the Christmas Concert.

Unit 2: The Sound and Music Industry

Pupils investigate the various organisations that make up this diverse Industry

Unit 3: Pop Music in Practice

Pupils learn about the history of Pop from 1950, they write pop songs and perform cover songs in Band Night.

Unit 4: Music Project

As a group, pupils organise and perform in a concert. They are responsible for all aspects of the concert, from decorations and catering to the setlist itself.

Unit 5: Marketing

Pupils learn marketing strategies and then work with the school’s Marketing Manager to promote the annual School Musical to the public.

Unit 6: Musical Ensemble

Pupils develop and perform as a Band both in and out of school.

Jennifer Appleton

Head of Department

Mrs. Jennifer Appleton

Head of Performing Arts