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Design & Technology: Product Design A Level

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Design and Technology: Product Design offers a unique opportunity for learners to identify and solve real problems.

Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous, and practical subject. This course encourages learners to use creativity and imagination when applying iterative design processes to develop and modify designs and to design and make prototypes that solve real-world problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants, aspirations and values.

The specification enables learners to identify market needs and opportunities for new products, initiate and develop design solutions, and make and test prototypes. Learners should acquire subject knowledge in design and technology, including how a product can be developed through the stages of prototyping, realisation, and commercial manufacture. Learners should consider small and large commercial/manufacturing contexts and gain an insight into design and technology activity in the creative industries.

Course Content A Level

AS Unit 1: Written Paper

  • Written examination: 2 hours
  • 20% of qualification 80 marks
AS unit 2: Design and make task
  • Non-exam assessment: approx 40 hours 20% of qualification 80 marks

A2 unit 3: Written paper 2

  • Written examination: 2 hours 30 mins
  • 30% of qualification 100 marks

A2 unit 4: Design and make project

  • Non-exam assessment: approx 60 hours 30% of qualification 100 marks
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Design & Technology