St Davids College


In their element

Published: 09.01.2024 ( 5 months ago )

The competition is open to every secondary school in the UK, for those aged between 14-16.

In 2021 St David’s College were the North Wales Top of the Bench winners!

The annual online competition has been run for the past 20 years. As a result, hundreds of students have had the chance to see chemistry in a new light and put practical and teamworking skills into action.

St David’s Head of Chemistry, Dr Rob Hughes said: “We’ve got so many great chemists at the school that it’s hard to select the ones to take part.

“It’s good to do so that our students can have an opportunity to show off their knowledge and passion for chemistry.”

He added: “We have two pupils taking part from Year 9, one in Year 10 and one from Year 11.”

Good luck everyone!