St Davids College


Well done skiers!

Published: 15.01.2024 ( 5 months ago )

Over the past three months, pupils have had the opportunity to attend weekly ski lessons at Ski Llandudno, as one of their activities

As a school we are incredibly lucky to have the Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre just up the road from us, people from all over Wales and beyond come and practice their skills on it or to learn to ski.

Our group of 16 students, ranging from beginners to intermediates have been busily improving their skills.

Six students have gone from hardly ever skied before, to independently going down the slope.

They have developed skills in balance, turning, snow plugging, parallel turns, posture, and speed control.

The group of students showed respect, kindness and supported each other. Especially if there were ever any slips or tumbles. Students were encouraged to get back on the skis to regain confidence.

Miss Charlie Crowther, who oversees the activity said: “Skiing regularly enhances the students' confidence and skills.

“It also provides the students with a sense of freedom and accomplishment. It is a pleasure taking this group of students onto the slopes. “

Quotes from students:

" I think skiing is a really good sport as it's really good fun and I don't like any other sport."

" I really enjoyed my lessons with Pete and after 2 lessons I was able to go off by myself and I am now mastering parallel turns!”

"I didn't know what skiing was when I signed up for this. It has taken me 5 lessons to learn and now I love it."

Well done guys! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you in our hugely successful Ski Team very soon or on one of our ski trips to Italy, with Mr Demery. More Ski Team updates later this week...