St Davids College


The SDC Summer Soirée

Published: 03.07.2024 ( 15 days ago )

Mr Russell describes it as the best team sport where all ages come together to create something moving and incredible

The Summer Soiree was a testament to this. While we can all see the emerging talent bubbling through the younger years, the poised performances of the older pupils are testament to the nurture and opportunities given to them at St David’s, allowing our young adults to enter the world and embrace any career they choose with self-assurance and genuine confidence.

The St David's College Instrumental Collective opened the Soirée’s performances, with ‘Rolling in the Deep’, setting the tone for a most enjoyable evening with our Head of Music Mr Pete Williams, safely at the helm.

Next was a collection of excerpts from ‘Oklahoma’ performed by year 8, supported by year 13 pupil Charlie Russell who kicked off the section with the famous opening song ‘Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’.

This was followed with a scene from the show. Preparing their picnic baskets for the ‘Box Social’ auction Gertie (Sophie Bucknole) taunts Laurie (Emily Stirrup) with her annoying laugh.

Aunt Ella (Ainsley Levine) persuades Gertie to leave while Curley (Hudson Deveny-Douglas) and Laurie talk about not being in love! The scene was followed by the popular song ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’, performed beautifully by Emily Stirrup, Ainsley Levine, Mya Ditchfield, Grace Hill, Hudson Deveny-Douglas and Harry Issacs.

A second comedic scene treated the audience to the hilarious Ado Annie (Sophie Bartwicki) and her reluctant suitor (Dylan Thomson-Davies) who is strong-armed by Ado Annie’s stern father Mr Carnes (Matthew Morrison). The section was rounded off in true ‘Oklahoma’ style with an energetic rendition of ‘The Farmer and the Cowman’ performed by year 8 pupils – soloists Matthew Morrison, Mya Ditchfield, Thomas Hay, George Greenhalgh, Hudson Deveny-Douglas and Millie Haynes. The audience joined in by clapping in time and cheering! Well done year 8.

Amélie Russell took the stage and delivered a stunning rendition of the much-loved song ‘Valerie’. ‘Pompeii’ was next and we were graced with the vocals of Hudson Deveny-Douglas, expertly accompanied by George Greenhalgh on drums and Thomas Hay on keys. This is the trio who won the SDC Talent Contest last term and we can see why!

Next up, Sophie Bucknole and Grace Hill impressed us with the duet ‘Flying Solo’ and this was followed by the talented Katie Bailey singing ‘Obsessed’ accompanied brilliantly by Elowyn Ryznar on drums. Ruka Kobayashi then demonstrated his drumming aptitude with ‘Just like it’ followed by an astounding solo piano improvisation by Thomas Pearce. ‘Shape of You’ followed next with Hudson Deveney-Douglas comfortably performing both vocals and guitar. The first act was expertly rounded off with ‘Cherokee Shuffle’ by the SDC Instrumental Collective featuring Dr Dickson and Will Edwards.

Opening Act II, we were once again in the safe hands of the SDC Instrumental Collective with’ Viva La Vida’.

Then it was year 9’s turn with a presentation of extracts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘West Side Story’. Liam Elphick, Jacob Griss, Teddy Mann and Oakley Ryznar opened the section with a recital of ‘The Prologue’ from William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Year 9 then performed a collective version of the ‘Do You Bite Your Thumb’ scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This was followed with a stunning and memorable interpretation of ‘the Balcony Scene’ where Romeo (Grayson Williams) and Juliet (Harriet Andrew) declare their love for one another. We were then witness to an incredible vocal performance of ‘Tonight’ from ‘West Side Story’ by April Williams, Isabella Aubert, Elin Lloyd-Jones, Oliver Pearce and Finn Rose. Fantastic, year 9!

Elowyn Ryznar emerged from behind her drums to perform a fantastic guitar solo, ‘Honey (Are You Coming)’ and Ffion Wakeford gave a poignant and soulful rendition of the iconic Adele number ‘Someone like you’. Lilia Ash committed to ‘Pager’ with gusto, followed by a beautiful and empathetic rendition of ‘Tightrope ’from ‘the Greatest Showman’ performed by Ainsley Levine. Amélie Russell and Olivia Bartwicki’s strong vocals gave a heartfelt rendition of the song ‘Somewhere Only we Know’. ‘Opportunity’ was poignantly and aptly performed by our Head Girl Elect, Lucie Webster, fuelled with heartfelt anticipation. Our terrific trio Isabella Aubert, April Williams and Archie Davies treated us to ‘Seventeen’ with a maturity of vocals beyond their years.

The marquee was silent when Charlie Russell sang ‘Stars’ from Les Misérables, a song he performed for his LAMDA grade 8 examination where he achieved a distinction. The upbeat ‘Hotel California’ was next with uplifting trio Finn Rose, Flynn Thomas-Morgan and Oliver Pearce wowing the audience. Bella Russell’s dulcet tones filled the marquee with the beautiful song ‘Make You Feel my Love’ and the audience was once again moved to silence. Stunned silence continued into the next performance where mother and son duo Nicki and Oliver Pearce rendered us all speechless with their outstanding recital of Handel’s ‘Sonata for Two Cellos’. They were a wonder to observe!

  The evening was completed with two upbeat songs by ‘SDC Voices’ – ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’ and ‘Seasons of Love’. At this point every member of the audience was on their feet, singing and dancing as the choir performed under the expert instruction of Mr Wills. Thank you to all who entertained us, including the tech team under the magical supervision of Mr Cogger. You were all incredible!