St Davids College


"Wonderful perseverance and bravery was shown"

Published: 09.07.2024 ( 9 days ago )

The canoe group set out with the intention of exploring a section of the River Severn from Pool Quay, historically the highest point reached by trading vessels from downstream a distance of some 96Km total

It was a great week of canoeing, and the group managed the cold and windy conditions well. They carried all their camping equipment with them, making camp at sites along the river as they made their way towards Jackfield, and showed great progress not only in becoming proficient canoeists, but also in the skills required to look after themselves and others in often challenging conditions.

Some wonderful perseverance and bravery was shown, especially after an unfortunate capsize by one canoe pair on the first day as a result of a low tree (there were a lot of trees on day 1!), and also in paddling through the famous Jackfield rapids right at the end of the trip. These rapids (Grade 2 -3) are a rarity on the Severn, which is mostly flat but moving water, and there were huge grins on the group's faces as they smashed through the bottom wave.

A final night was spent in Coalport YHA, where the group could get clean again after 4 days of living on a muddy river out of a canoe, and also so we could have the chance to re-live and discuss the expedition and draw out learning points and positive memories. It was great to hear the laughter and funny stories as we worked through the trip again, remembering the river and the events of each day.

Well done to everybody involved in this canoe adventure, hopefully when any negative memories of 26Km days and chilly nights in a tent recede, some in the group will start looking ahead to planning some trips of their own, using the skills learnt during this descent of the River Severn.