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Yr5 & 6 Support Hope Restored

Published: 09.02.2023 ( a year ago )

Year 5 and 6 have been busily fundraising for a homeless charity in Llandudno called Hope Restored.

The charity was set up in 2010 by an amazing lady called Brenda Fogg. She provides food parcels for homeless people and serves them three hot meals a week.

Brenda and her band of volunteers also run a busy foodbank, and they operate from a church in Llandudno.

For a few years St David’s College has been supporting Hope Restored through various projects, including the harvest appeal, the Christmas bags and the advent calendar donations.

During the Year 6 RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) lessons Hope Restored has been discussed, and next week the class is going to meet Brenda at the church.

Year 6 teacher Anna George said: “Sometimes fundraising can seem quite overwhelming and so we decided on a small achievable task to get things going.

“Over Christmas the children were given a tube of chocolate and given the challenge of filling the tubes after eating the chocolates with loose change, and we got lots back filled to the brim with change which was brilliant.”

Now the class is extending this fundraising challenge to the rest of the school! With the help of Mr O’Leary, the class have created a Hope Restored Donation Box, and it’s split into three sections for Cader, Tryfan and Snowdon.

Lottie who designed the front of the box said: “However small, every coin counts! Which house will be able to collect the most change?

“The box will be located outside Mr Russell’s office until the Summer half-term, and there will be points for the house that collects the most!”