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Theatre trip brings Steinbeck's classic alive

Published: 22.03.2023 ( a year ago )

The novella, set in 1930s America, is one of the set texts for the English Literature GCSE that students will be sitting this summer

Watching this brilliant stage adaption was a timely opportunity for students to explore the themes and characters of the novella. The set was impressively constructed and worked incredibly well with the lighting design, plunging us into the imagined landscape of the 1930s Californian ‘Dust Bowl’.

Directed by Iqbal Kahn, this thoughtful interpretation brought to the forefront the isolation of the well-loved characters and offered a new perspective to the themes of loneliness and the unobtainable American Dream.

“We’ve assembled an extraordinary, inclusive company of actors that embrace the lived experiences of those characters. They understand profoundly how their visible otherness has excluded them from opportunity and that brings a depth and vulnerability to the production that is difficult to put into words. It is a privilege to discover the great truths of this timeless and enduring piece with them.”

Iqbal Kahn (director)