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PE CPD Day June23 web 25

St David's College leading the way

Published: 08.06.2023 ( a year ago )

They emerged from the online CPD conferences our award-winning PE department ran over the lockdown period. These were immensely popular and gained attention from Olympic Coaches, PhD lecturers, Coaches, teachers and other interested bodies

We had our first CPD day last year with Russell Earnshaw, the Maverick Rugby Union coach, Danny Newcomb, Head Coach of Welsh Hockey, author and lecturer. Dr Kattie Fitton Davies, who spoke on the concepts around Self Determination Theory (this underpins our delivery in PE in and out of the classroom). We were also honoured to have Dr Stephen Rollnick deliver a hugely insightful session on motivational Interviewing, which was a real coup for us.

All of these individuals have helped form the backbone of our provision in PE and they have been instrumental in supporting us in the creation of our innovative provision.

This year the same inspirational coaches are returning, and the PE department are keen to share again how the approaches in PE can be underpinned by pedagogy and create laudable outcomes of a pupil centred democratic approach to Physical Activity and PE both in and out of the classroom.

This year’s attendees included: Welsh FA, Welsh Rugby Union, Scottish FA, Lectures, Volunteer Coaches, Teachers, Strength and Conditioning coaches. All keen to explore different approaches and be immersed in the learning environment that St David’s College offers.