St Davids College


“It really was the best experience of my life, and I’d love to go back

Published: 26.09.2023 ( 6 months ago )

She had to go through a rigorous selection process, including writing a letter as to why she should be selected, attended a team building weekend and had an interview

"There were 76 of us in total who were picked from Wales, and during our time in South Africa we worked on a conservation study to protect giraffes, and that was incredible as we came across a newly born baby giraffe,” said Eleri, who joined St David’s College in Year 7.

“It became quite hairy at one point as the ranger we were with said we had to leave quickly as we could hear poachers in the distance, and so we had to speed off."

Eleri, from Anglesey, continued: “At the camp wild boars broke into our tents and I had stupidly left some biscuits in my backpack pocket, it was all a bit of a mess!”

Eleri who is studying Design & Technology, biology and BTEC Sports, is hoping to go on and study DT & Design at university, or sports science. However, she enjoyed her three-week trip to South Africa so much, that she’s now thinking about taking a gap year and go back to Zingela and work for a safari company and gain leadership qualifications.

“My trip to South Africa has also inspired my final DT project, as I noticed no one was wearing helmets so I’m trying to design cheaper helmets that could be used over there,” she said.

“It really was the best experience of my life, and I’d love to go back.”

When asked as to how her first few weeks as Head Girl is going, she said: “I’m Netball Captain too, so I’m keeping busy!

“It’s going well, Scott, the Head Boy is being really helpful, and we’ve got lots of ideas for the coming year and the term is already moving fast so we have a lot to do.”