St Davids College


An inspirational lunch date

Published: 21.04.2023 ( 11 months ago )

Multi-award-winning sports documentary makers, Steve and Menna Wakeford, brought their expertise to the table to discuss the many different career options available to students if they’d like to work in the film-making world

Mel Peake, UK & Ireland Customer Operations Finance Manager for Unilever, spoke about the exciting world of finance and accounting. Mel used to play golf for Wales and has had a non-linear rise to the top including in the past setting up her own fitness and nutrition business. She advised pupils to discover what motivates them, what are their passions and how important it is to have the right mindset.

Steve and Menna Wakeford, are film producers at Everyfield Productions. Drawing on their experiences in the film and television industry, Steve and Menna discussed the creative and collaborative aspects of filmmaking. They spoke about the importance of the need to be adaptable, and the opportunities available in the industry for people with diverse skillsets, including writers, engineers, and sound designers. Their talk highlighted the potential for a rewarding and dynamic career in film and television production.

Overall, the Careers Working Lunch provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn about different career paths and gain valuable insights from industry professionals. The St David's College community is grateful to Mel Peake and Steve and Menna Wakeford for taking the time to share their experiences and knowledge with the students, and we hope that this event will inspire our pupils to explore the many exciting career opportunities available to them.