St Davids College


All aboard for the Polar express

Published: 20.11.2023 ( 7 months ago )

Last week they welcomed Nigel, grandfather of one of our Year 5 pupils, who lived in the Arctic for six years.

Nigel talked about his experiences living and working in Sweden and shared his knowledge of the Arctic with the pupils, bringing the area to life.

He shared the hardships and wonders of living in such remote conditions, including travelling 60 miles to the nearest supermarket and relying heavily on community spirit.

Nigel was inspired to move to the Arctic after falling in love with the area on a rescue mission in 1999. Whilst there, he met some of his closest friends who encouraged him to make the move to the village of Kangos in Sweden, where he opened a guest house with his wife and ran outdoor activities.

Our pupils had the opportunity to listen to breathtaking stories, receive first-hand information and ask questions which will support them greatly in their work throughout this half term.

The pupils asked questions such as: 'How do the seasons compare to ours in the UK?' which led to conversations about snowfall lasting from September to May, and 24 hour sunlight between May and July, and that climate change is becoming more apparent each year, with snowfall levels increasing annually.

In the following weeks, Years 5 & 6 will be learning about famous polar explorers, the sinking of the Titanic, the Northern Lights and the implications of climate change on the polar regions.

Annie, Year 6, said "We are very grateful to Nigel for his visit, and for bringing the Arctic Circle to our classroom!"