St Davids College


A transition day to remember!

Published: 15.06.2023 ( a year ago )

Year 5 did a 'get to know you' game where the pupils paired up and told each other facts about their lives, and their partner had to try and remember the facts and relay them to the class

Then they played outside with the parachute, doing get to know games like 'swap places if you have a sibling' etc. The also played 'guess who' where somebody went 'missing' under the parachute and they had to guess who it was.

After that they made 'strength shields' which show character strengths such as loyalty, kindness, trust.

During the afternoon they enjoyed painting cup and saucer plant pots, with our Year 5 teacher, Emily Vidal, and then planted a sunflower seed in them for them to take home.

It sounds like a lovely day, and St David's College, would like to give a huge welcome to those pupils who joined us yesterday for the transition day. We can't wait to welcome you back in September!