St Davids College


A memorable trip into Snowdonia for our A'level geographers

Published: 30.04.2023 ( a year ago )

Our A-level Geography pupils went on a fieldtrip to Cwm Idwal to investigate glacial erosional, depositional, and post-glacial processes

The pupils examined the features of the valley, including the colossal cirque with the majestic back-wall known as Idwal Slabs, and the moraines left by retreating glaciers.

They learned about the erosional processes that occurred during the Ice Age and analysed the depositional processes that occurred when the glaciers melted and deposited their load of rocks and sediment.

During the fieldtrip, the A-level Geography pupils worked together as a team to collect data and make observations about the landscape.

They were able to collaborate effectively, sharing knowledge and ideas to deepen their understanding of glacial processes. In addition to their academic work, the pupils also had the chance to spot some rare birds including a potential Spotted Flycatcher and Wheatears.

The Cwm Idwal fieldtrip was an incredible opportunity for our pupils and they were lucky to have such a unique and significant location right on their doorstep.

Cwm Idwal is a globally recognized type section for glacial processes, meaning that it is one of the best examples of this type of landscape anywhere in the world.

Having such a globally significant location within easy reach of their school is a real privilege for the pupils.

It provides them with a rare opportunity to experience and learn from a landscape that is renowned worldwide for its geological significance. It also highlights the importance of conservation efforts to preserve these valuable natural resources for future generations.

Overall, the combination of teamwork, academic learning, and nature-spotting made for a truly enriching experience for all. They left Cwm Idwal with a renewed sense of curiosity and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Photos courtesy of the boys.