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It’s Engineer’s Week from 20th – 26th Feb.

Published: 24.02.2022 ( 2 years ago )

The week is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

Most children don’t know any engineers or technicians. And they don’t really know what engineers do. This leads to interesting assumptions—like engineers sit in a cubicle doing maths problems all day. At school we actively try to spark an interest in engineering by doing STEM activities, giving exposure to engineering situations and sharing our own stories about experiences in engineering.

The UK and the wider world are facing a shortage of engineers and scientists; the very people needed to preserve and improve our planet and our well-being.

Engineers Week from 20th 26th Feb Portada para Facebook 1

To increase the number of home-grown engineers and scientists we need to look for potential students among populations not historically known for providing them; groups such as girls and non-white UK populations. By drawing on a diverse talent pool, the UK engineering industry could build a workforce with a diverse knowledge and understanding of global markets and position itself as a strong and successful player in the increasingly global marketplace.