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Daily Bread 4 of 5

Give us this day our daily bread!

Published: 20.10.2022 ( a year ago )

This term, Year 8 have been studying unicellular organisms in everyday use so what better way to celebrate St David's Harvest Festival than by making their own bread?

The class designed an investigation to discover what temperature yeast reproduces best at and then used that knowledge to prove bread dough and bake themselves a tasty snack.

"I love the taste of Science!" said Charlie, "we had to use special equipment so we could eat in the lab" explained Henry, "but it was worth it!" Lucy thought that "our bread was really tasty; it was good the that we did the investigation to get it right". "It's even better than canteen" said Grace, but Isabella disagreed " the special bread they make (the SDC Focaccia) is the best,"

The investigation is part of the Science departments's drive to bring real world investigations into the KS3 curriculum. Mr Pettitt explained "the more relevance we can bring to the lessons in Year 8 the better the engagement at Key Stage 4, it leads to better expereiences and, ultimately, improved results". Jason probably explains it best though, "when science is fun, it's easier to understand!"