St Davids College

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Expedition Season Begins

Published: 09.05.2022 ( 2 years ago )

Outdoor Education is at the core of the St David’s College and with the good weather on the horizon, this weekend has seen the start of welcome return to the traditional summer expedition season at St David’s College.

Year 10 Sea Kayakers were first to depart last Friday, with a journey along the coast of Anglesey, followed shortly after by the Year 13 BTEC team, who had planned an organised an overnight canoe trip through the Menai Straits.

Year 9 groups have been out on foot, journeying towards achieving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award this weekend and the Year 5 and 6 pupils leave later this week on a canal boat journey from Llangollen.

The famous Year 10 expeditions depart to a range of exciting destinations throughout the month of May. The cavers will be exploring underground in the Yorkshire Dales, two trekking teams will be hiking in the Lake District and Scottish Highlands respectively. Sea Kayakers will be in the outer Hebrides, while at the other end of the country, the Rock Climbers will be scaling the cliffs of Devon and Cornwall while the canoe group travel along the River Wye.

Head of Outdoor Education, Ian Martin said:

“It’s great to have our expedition program back in action - there’s a real buzz around school as everyone prepares for their adventures. The friendships, experiences and memories will have lasting impact for all the pupils”.