St Davids College

Bacteria Prac 2

There’s something fishy in my (petri) dishy!

Published: 08.10.2021 ( 2 years ago )

After a challenging year, the Upper Sixth have been able to engage in full practicals once more much to the delight of pupils.

This week they were investigating how bacteria grows in probiotic milk drinks. The class cultured colonies of bacteria from samples of common brands of bacteria and let them grow for a week before sampling them.

Our head girl Sophie was very pleased to be back carrying out practical experiments.

She said: "It was great to get back practical work. I definitely understand processes better if I have experience of doing them myself.

“It was difficult learning how to work aseptically (in sterile conditions) but it is a skill that is vital in microbiology so we had to master it."

Owain: "In Physics experiments, we usually know exactly what will happen but in Biology, it's totally unknown- I found that really exciting. Our results weren't totally conclusive but that is a reflection of how the study of living organisms is, it is messy but that is how real-life works."

Callum: "Growing up in Switzerland culturing milk for cheese is a big part of our regional identities, it's awesome to actually understand the biology of the process."