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Rob's Getting Ready For The Future

Published: 05.05.2021 ( 3 years ago )

Before joining St David’s College Rob Muirhead had dreamed of becoming an engineer but never had the confidence to pursue it, having been led to wrongly believe he wasn’t bright enough.

This has now changed thanks to the school’s Design & Technology Department and its ever-inspiring Head of Department, Mr. Martin O’Leary, who is guiding Rob through the Advanced Level HNC 7 CAD (Computer-Aided Design) course. The course is equivalent to a first-year degree level and Rob is loving every second of it.

The 17-year-old is also an extremely promising young rugby player, having been selected to play for RGC.

“It’s a lot different here at St David’s compared to my old school,” smiled Rob.

“I always found school quite tough, as there was little help as the class sizes were so big.”

Above, some of Rob's incredible work

He continued: “But at St David's College I’ve found the teacher works around you, rather than in other schools you have to work around the teacher.”

Rob has always struggled to read and write, but since joining St David's College he has been diagnosed with dyslexia and now receives the helping hand he needs.

“My reading and writing have improved a lot, my confidence has soared and I’m now much happier in myself and look forward to coming to school,” he said.

He added: “Being here has totally changed my life, and I now know that I can become an engineer if I carry on working hard.”

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