St Davids College


Cadets Collect for Poppy Appeal

Published: 10.11.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Three very smart looking Army Cadets have been busy at school this week collecting money for the annual Poppy Appeal.

Eleri, Catrin, and Enya are all Cadets at either Menai Bridge and Bangor detachments.

The girls who have been wearing their uniforms all week have also been educating some of the younger pupils about the importance of Remembrance Day. They will also be taking part in the annual Festival of Remembrance Parade this Sunday.

Eleri, 15, said: “I think it’s hugely important to remember those who lost their lives during the wars, not just the First World War and the Second World War but from all conflicts, the UK has been involved in.

“I’ll be marching in the parade on Sunday and I’m looking forward to it.”

Eleri added: “My great grandfather fought in the Second World War, and I remember listening to all the stories about him and finding it fascinating.”

Eleri says she would like to join the army and eventually apply to join Sandhurst and become an officer, after going to university.

Catrin said: “I love the army cadets you get to go on camps and do fun things like going to a shooting range and learn how to do First Aid and so on.

“I also think Eleri and I had a headstart to some of the other cadets because of all the Outdoor Education we’ve had at St David’s, for example, we can read maps and are used to walking in the hills.”

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