St Davids College


Year of adventures for Year 10

Published: 26.01.2024 ( 4 months ago )

Just before we finished for the Christmas Holidays, every pupil in Year 10 was given the chance to vote for the activities that they would like to specialise in for their expedition

The Year 10 Expeditions are unique to St David’s College and for many, the highlight of the Outdoor Education programme.

Following a series of presentations from the Outdoor Education staff, pupils had to make the difficult between choosing an expedition in canoes, sea kayaks, trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing or caving.

Last week, during the cold winter weather, Year 10 students completed the first of seven training days that will get them ready for the expedition in June this year. Thanks to the location of St David’s College, the sea kayak and canoe teams could get on the sea and nearby lake at Llanberis.

The underground team explored into the disused slate mines of Cwm Orthin, the trekkers hiked up to the famous Aberfalls and while one climbing groups made the most of the indoor climbing wall, the other teamed up with the mountaineers to try their hand at ice climbing in the Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park.

Unlike many school trips, these Year 10 expeditions are planned and prepared by the students. With guidance from the Outdoor Education staff, they put skills learnt in the classroom into real life context. As well as the physical preparations, they also have to book accommodation, organise transport and budget their food rations. We’re looking forward to finding out where they will all be heading this year...!

Ian Martin