St Davids College


Victory to Snowdon!

Published: 01.02.2024 ( 4 months ago )

The event took place at the nearby Boathouse Climbing Wall in Llandudno where each house had a set amount of time to complete as many 'boulder problems' as possible.

If you're not familiar with the climbing genre of 'Bouldering', think of it as low-level climbing, without ropes.

The 'problem' is set using a specific sequence of hand and foot holds. All the competitors have to do is puzzle out how to hold on and get to the top!

It was a close-run competition with each house supporting, cheering and willing each other upwards.

There was a really good vibe in the climbing wall and each house was left wishing they had more time as the challenges got ever more addictive with every try.

After adding up all the scores from the day, Snowdon managed to muscle their way in to the top position, followed closed by Cader and then Tryfan.

The top scoring students from each house have each earned an invitation to take part in the St David's College Inter-Schools Climbing competition next month...