St Davids College


Thanks Mr Paterson for inspiring our students!

Published: 23.02.2024 ( 4 months ago )

This was part of the new Year 10 sports course which is a bespoke course created for our St David’s College sport students so that they can further their interest in all aspects of sport and physical activity

Part of the course involves bringing in an expert guest speaker each half term to speak to the students about the topic they are studying.

Last half term the theme was Mental health awareness and Corry came to speak about his experiences of mental health being a professional athlete.

PE teacher Ross Williams said: “'It’s a hard job pitching the talk at the right level for young developing students, but Corry really nailed it.

“He was very honest about his struggles in getting to the top of his sporting field and shared his authentic story of hights and lows with the students. He really had the room!”

Corry talked about many important areas including how to handle setbacks, and how your journey through life is never a straight line, how to embrace uncertainty and look for balance in the way you view things.

After the main talk, Corry stayed for a more intimate group discussion with our Year 13 students, and the group really connected with Corry asked him some in depth questions about the mindset he developed as an athlete as well as some lengthy discussion about what makes a positive environment for young people to thrive.

Overall, the talk was a great success! Thanks Corry, for coming and inspiring our students.