St Davids College


Congratulations to Dr Favill and Mr Lycett!

Published: 21.06.2024 ( 27 days ago )

St David’s College was highly commended for Best Experiential Learning and Best Learning Support!

The school’s entries in these categories were made by Mr Dan Lycett (Director of Sport) and Dr Faye Favill (Head of Cadogan Learning Support Centre).

Dr Favill said: “I am thrilled that Muddy Stilettoes have recognised the Learning Support provided at St David's by recognising us with a Highly Commended award.

“This award recognises the inclusivity we provide for learners with SEN by normalising the use of assistive technology in every classroom.

"It has taken nearly five years for every classroom in our school to allow every pupil to access the curriculum on a level playing field despite their individual learning needs, but we are so proud of where we are now.”

Dan Lycett said: “We as a team are over the moon to have our Level 2 (Year 10 and 11) recognised for value it is having on the students learning and the outcomes are incredibly exciting.

"As a department we relish creating diverse and continually shifting learning opportunities and environments for all our students to find meaning, relevance and a love of the learning process.”