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Year 12 Leadership Day - 2023

Published: 08.09.2023 ( 8 months ago )

This week, all Year 12 students at St. David's College took part in a Leadership Day designed to introduce them to their roles as Sixth Formers this year.

Facilitated by the Outdoor Education Department, the pupils engaged in various activities aimed at exposing them to diverse leadership approaches and encouraging their personal growth and development.

In the spirit of teamwork, pupils tackled a mix of physical, mental, and collaborative challenges scattered throughout the school. The adventure reached its zenith with an invigorating session dedicated to personal well-being, equipping them to sustain peak performance not only for the term but well into the future.

Amidst lively debates, engaging conversations, and the art of delegation, our students had the opportunity to hone essential life skills. Discovering their individual character strengths and learning how to harness them for personal growth is a flagship initiative at St. David's College, a movement that now unites our entire school community, with active participation from both students and staff.

Starting Sixth Form marks a pivotal moment in a pupil's educational journey, filled with opportunities for personal growth. Our unique offering includes immersing students in dynamic leadership scenarios and dedicating structured time to help them discover their full potential. It's these exceptional experiences that truly distinguish St David's College.
Mr Ian Martin, Head of Outdoor Education