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Thomas makes waves at medical conference

Published: 01.06.2023 ( a year ago )

Thomas, who has a very rare syndrome, was asked by a surgeon on his team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital if he would speak at the ESPO 2023 (European Symposium for Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology)

Thomas spoke about the airway difficulties associated with his condition. He spoke eloquently about his life with over 40 anaesthetics to date and living with a tracheostomy for over six years (since taken out) and night-time ventilation for over 10 years. He delved into some of the difficulties but also wanted to explain how he has overcome challenges and continues to try to lead as normal a life as possible. He also explained that he wants to work at Alder Hey as a neurosurgeon when he is older!

The PowerPoint Thomas did was extremely well received and he had the longest clap of the whole conference according to local reports.

Thomas, who excels academically and is also a gifted pianist, said: “I was pretty nervous, but St David’s has helped with my confidence hugely over the past few years.

“I wanted the surgeons and other medics to know what it was like for a patient first hand in the hopes it will help other people like myself.”

“What I have is a rare condition, I’m only one of a handful of people who has it in the UK,” continued Thomas.

“Since I was a small boy, I’ve been fascinated by different syndromes, I used to devour encyclopaedias and science books and I’d love to work as a neurosurgeon myself if possible one day.”

A huge well done Thomas, and good luck in your GCSEs! We are sure everyone at the conference learnt a great deal from you.