St Davids College


"St David’s College is more than a school"

Published: 18.10.2023 ( 6 months ago )

"Over the past eight years we have challenged ourselves in the PE department to do exactly that, create an environment that creates the right balance of learning, challenge, and opportunity"

A report from our Head of PE, Mr Dan Lycett.

The start to the 2023 academic year has been no different, but it has been incredibly special with 37 fixtures, tournaments and tours occurring across all age ranges.

For our little school that’s some big old numbers and a huge thank you must go to the PE team for their hard work and dedication in getting these up and running.

The very first overseas Netball trip took place. The Gibralter trip was an enormous success, featuring not only netball but also dolphins, sun and a waterpark. The 1st XV re-established links with King Williams College with their early season "tour".

We continued our football Odyssey with U14 boys U15 girls and 1st XI all taking part in the Welsh Cup. Cross Country suffered its usual weather issues, but both school and county brought the best out of our versatile St David's Students. This all adds up to a rich tapestry, which is a learning environment that values the individual, respects the opportunities and the growth that occurs in it.

We peer now hesitantly over the half term and see a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity, more competitions, more fixtures and that's on top of an award-winning innovative PE curriculum.

The future is indeed bright for all things active and PE.

See you after half term (Can we hit 70 fixtures before Christmas?)